Dear Ms. Bündchen

I was not jealous the many times you strolled down the Victoria's Secret runway looking like Brazil's most prized possession. I was not jealous when you scored a major deal with Grendene to manufacture your own line of sandals. I was not jealous of the Vogue covers, and the multi-million dollar ad campaigns. I was not even jealous when you opened the Dolce & Gabbana show last season to Madonna's Future Lovers. And last, I was never ever jealous that you dated Leonardo DiCaprio.

After looking at the picture above of you and Tom Brady in the streets of New York this past week, I am REALLY jealous of you (and would not mind trading places with you for a couple of days, so let me know if we can work around that).


I agree with you!!!!!! He's hottttttttttt...

LOL, yes, a lot of people would like to be her, for many reasons :)

I don't think he is that good looking.

Since Bündchen is more German then Brasilian it is not surprising she would find the most non latin men to date.

Most Germans from the South of Brasil like to cut themselves off from the rest of Brasilian society and act has if they are better then everyone else b/c they are white.

You're a liar, Gustavo. I am sure you are more jealous of Gesele than any of us. (wink)

If you don't find Tom Brady attractive, then surely, you have very very bad taste in men!

Your comment is very biased, racist and full of prejudice Gustavo.
Gisele is not more German than Brazilian to begin with. She was born and raised in Brazil and i bet she can teach you some samba steps at any time. And it is absolutelly not tru to say that Germans in south Brazil like to isolate themselves or think they are better than other Brazilians. They just happen to be one of the many facets of the great mixing we call Brazil, and they are just as nice people as any Japanese from Sao Paulo, Lebanese from Parana, Portuguese from Rio and Northeasteners from Paraiba... Why are you being so bitter against them? Has any cuty blond blue eye boy from Floripa broken your heart lately?

I agree with Gustavo. I've never seen her with Brasilian men who are dark(er) skinned or with men who are not famous. Only with blond or brown haired blue eyed types who are famous. She prefers them and that's her business because she is beautiful but she looks like a white woman so it's natural she would prefer men who look like her, I guess.

I liked her better with Leo

i wanna be their baby, if only to call him daddy!

If Tom had no qualms about dumping his ex-Bridget while she's pregnant with his child, does Gisele really think she's that special that he won't do something similar to her after he's had her fill?

They perfect together actually, beautiful and vapid.

If gisele is brazils most prized guys are a bunch of ugly lifeless drag queens!!

...what about the real brazilians like adriana lima and raica...they are 10x the models....or they should be.
Tom brady is sexy though.

To us in Europe your all Americans anyway so what different does it make if Gisele is German or Brazilian. She is American, all of you are Americas. Just get along like we are trying in the EU. She is white she is not, who cares. She isn't European anyway.

For the record, many brasilians who are not of German descent are white, the portuguese, the spanish, and the italian are white, unless they've mixed in a lot with blacks or indians. Germans in brasil are not standoffish. As for dating, Gisele can date whomever she wants, she isn't obligated to date a non-white man just to prove a point, she should date whomever he wants. Though I like Tom Brady, I do have to wonder if she is wise in dating him, given his history with Bridget Moynahan.

jesus... you guys.. who cares what nationality is she or what reace is the guys she is dating.. the fact is that they are two lucky gorgeous felas!!!! and i am so jealous of her!!! in a good way! god bless her!!!She must have done something great on the past life!

What do Claire Danes and Gisele Bundchen have in common?

Who are Claire Danes and Gisele Bündchen?

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