Crashing Testino's Party

Mario Testino received an honorary citizenship of Rio last night with a major bash at the Copacabana Palace. The likes of Margherita Missoni, Francesca Versace, and Gisele attended, but what matters is that Made In Brazil has two very exclusive shots of Evandro Soldati, and a legion of male models all dressed up at the party.

Special thanks to the reader who sent the pictures. Just so you know, press was not invited to the event, meaning that you will not be seeing many pictures going around.

UPDATE: my friend Sergio Mattos just emailed me some new pictures of the party. Where else do you get to see Gisele dancing?

Above are two of my favorite models, Daniel Broitman and Saulo Mello. There are more pictures after the jump.


Wow, a guy I knew @ college was apprentice to Mario & is now doing very well by all accounts. Looks like the party was a lot of fun!

D*mn, you Brazilian.. how are you able to squeeze 80% of the world hotness into one party?

You got spies in the right places.

how provincial!
are they dressed for the prom?

Hey anybody know the model's name in the 1st pic on the left, i cant stop starring lol


It's Romulo Arantes! He looks surprisingly handsome here compared to all his modelling photos i've seen so far.

Does anyone know where Mario's NY studio is?

Yeah!! wats the deal with Evandro-I am absolutely in love with him and im a cynic to the idea but IF i got to smack dab into those BRazilian pecks on the subway one day then BOWCHICKAWOWOW..ahahha
is he still modelling in ny or more so back home?
get back to me..btw i love the sexified men posted on your blog

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