Brazilianizer Of The Week: Vogue

The latest issue of Vogue explains why Mario Testino was celebrated in Rio last Wednesday: the photographer shot a huge spread (meets travel advertisement) in the city with model Doutzen Kroes.

The pictures are pretty stunning. There are more after the jump.

If you haven't noticed, editorials in Rio are becoming a trend on Vogue: last year it was Karolina Kurkova with Pharrell.

Carine Roitfeld jumped on the bandwagon with Testino and Anna Wintour as well: model of the moment Catherine McNeil graces the cover of Vogue Paris, also photographed in Rio.


Well... I didnt like it... It looks like a "tango-spanish-i-guess-is-brazilian-stuff" thing...

that is sooooooo characterless, soooooooo not rio.

hi guys
first of all... amo o vosso blog! continuem!
second of all, where can i get the fab pics? vogue uk? vogue paris or vogue us?


Well, I am really happy to see that Rio was just the scenario, not the inspiration, for the editorial. If they decided to be inspired by what people wear in the streets, the models would wear sand-dirt shorts, flip-flops, cheap tanks and no make-up. A real mess.

Um since when was Vogue about reality?

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