Where Has The Six-Pack Gone?

Maybe I just have very high expectations of actor Reynaldo Gianecchini, but he could have used a little help from photoshop in the latest ad campaign for Brazilian label TNG with model Giane Albertoni.

Gianecchini looked better on the TNG runway at Fashion Rio back in January (in spite of the jersey parachute he was wearing). There are more images from the campaign after the jump.


I, for one, would rather see how a man really looks, rather than photo shopped... whether it is poorly done, or well. done. You do not have to have a six pack to be hot. Case in point... Reynaldo Gianecchini.

apart from the six-pack, his nipples look really bigger than they have always been (he's got really tiny ones)

Give Reynaldo Gianecchini a break. The guy is 35 years old and likely doesn't have to time to work out has extensively has he once did when he was younger.

I see nothing wrong with his stomach! It's flat and clearly toned. It looks far better than what most grown men of any age have (including twenty-somethings). Frankly I see no difference in that pic and the one from january. He is an incredibly hot man. Anyway, a lot of guys who do work out spend too much time on their abs and it often looks gross and overdone, not the least bit appealing. Let's not prove the stereotype of gay men being shallow all to correct!

He doesn't have to have a six-pack to be onde of the hottest brazilian ever. He never such well defined abs... I really didn't understand the point... And he still looks pefect. Face to face he's even more astonishing

The matter is: his stomach looks fine, but the belly button is too high! his proportions are weird. Very handsome though

American gays (north & south) are so shallow... go read some Wilde or Genet...

Photoshop... no doubt...

Looks fine, always, but... look where they put his navel, lol

But... Gianne is always Gianne... the best!

gotta believe he photo shop comment. The guy looks beautiful. I like the smooth look on a hot guy. Don't have to have a six pack, but not fat. He fits the bill. But, where the hell did the editor think the navel should be on this guy? I'm in surgery all day and see stomachs all day, and that is not a normal place to put a navel. Sorry. Pic alteration for sure. So sad.

I think that a man who doesn't worry about every mm of his body is much hotter. This man is perfect.

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