The World's Next Supermodels (20% Brazilian)

It is very refreshing to actually see models on the cover of American Vogue. Here is the much anticipated May issue, with Brazilians Carol Trentini and Raquel Zimmermann.

The one thing I am not getting though is why they are calling it The World's Next Top Models when Carol alone has been shooting Vogue back to back for the past two years. Hilary Rhoda and Agyness Deyn are sort of new, and Chanel Iman has not shot anything major aside from the Meisel cover, but Lily Donaldson and Doutzen Kroes? Give me a freaking break. As much as I like the girls chosen, there is nothing new about them. This issue should have been called Anna Wintour's Protégées.


I'm sorry but, what's wrong with Doutzen? i think she's beautiful. she brings sexyback into models. she's not just that stick skinny. sorry just imo. and thank you for posting the cover.

i'm sooo sorry but i have to say something else...what's wrong with Ana Wintour? i like chanel and agyness very much, but they're too new? and why isn't Freja Beha and Irina L on it. they've done so much.

Compared to all the legendary girls in the 90s Vogue cover that this is paying homage to, we really are living in a boring time as far as models go. The girls are great, and I personally love Sasha, but they aren't any where near as inspiring as what came before.

Is it just me, or do all those models look the same?

they all look the same and none of them are a shade darker than the background (ok, maybe one is)so Vogue has done exactly what it normaly does: Showcase the upper crust of what they beleive a woman should look like, which is a carbon-copy of cloned out looking girls. Cindy, Linda, Christy, and Naomi are all on the phone and they want the diversity of modeling back...

While I viewed the cover, and before I read Nineinchgirth's comments, I had similar thoughts: this Vogue cover looks "washed out!" There is NO complexions of a darker hue, of variety. I don't relate to it at all; I personally do not like it, and it is still unfortunate that the media is still tooooo white.

Yesterday as I stacked my copies of DETAILS magazine, I noted that the covers grace the photographs of white actors. Within the next few weeks, I'm going through all of my issues to see if there are any men of color; if there are not, I shall cancel my subscription. This situation has got to stop; this is the 21st century and the 7th year of this new era!

Doutzen Kroes is hot...she can be a VS model.

I do have a problem with Anna Wintour however. I feel she's trying to push certain models in our faces, such as that Russian girl that she features in every single f-ing issue of vogue, even on special lists that she doesn't deserve to be on for a number of reasons, a) no one knows who she is and doesn't care about her hard childhood in Russia or her marriage to a member of nobility, and b) she has no real sense of style, and c) she's unattractive and many other reasons. Anna doesn't get it that no one cares about this girl, yet she continues to push her, and some alien-looking girls who all look the same.

"what THEY(Vogue) beleive a woman should look like"... not you
seems you care a lot of what they think

"This situation has got to stop; this is the 21st century and the 7th year of this new era!"
?????? what situation?
parece que ele quer cotas tbm...

I love the girls and it is nice to see models on the cover of American Vogue. Thanks for posting the pic.

The skin-toned backdrop makes you want to look at the clothes instead of the models. So the blues, the blacks, and the whites stand out in the picture.

What! No Daria? Gemma? Hye Park? Du Juan? And i agree? No Freja?

1) Gemma Ward is played out! That's why she's not here. Sasha took her place.
2) "Alien-looking girls", that's why these girls are chosen in the first place. Even Gemma.
3) Sasha is the hottest model right now, I don't care what say, is Gemma the face of Prada? umm... NO.
4) Anna Wintour, is the only one that matters. Because of this cover these girls will only get bigger and bigger. And it was about time American Vogue started using models to be on the cover, so the public can see who really is the face of fashion. It's these girls, not Jennifer Hudson.
***I wonder how big Diane will get when she takes over Prada, and Sasha is out of there.***

Just to repeat what many others have been saying, they almost all look alike - one face, repeated several times.

Whatever happened to the times where models were known for their individuality?

I am not feeling Jessica Stam ... I'm no hater ... well, maybe I am, but I honestly HAVE NOT seen a single pic of her that made me go "WOW."

Daria and Gemma are played out, but they definitely deserve some photo action in this issue. <3 Daria.

Agyness Deyn is rrrregia. Love her to bits and pieces!

I take back what I said about Jessica Stam ... After looking at the editiorial she did with Solve Sundsbo for the Feb. issue of Bazaar ... she is LIFE.

Daria and Gemma aren't "the world's next top models"...cuz they ARE two leading supermodels in the industry today. The vogue cover is beautiful. It could be more lively but its very simple and classic. I think most of the models on the cover deserve it <3 stam, lily and coco

i wonder why they have raquel on it because shes been modeling for ages. Also chanel and agyness are great models but they are a little too new at modeling to be in the running imo...

I think Doutzen is pretty, I miss Julia Stegner in vogues list, but I agree with everybody else, some diversity is missing. The models are unreal. The world is not the caucasian side of Europe. The world is huge, we are all tired of pale looking faces, skinny body. Some color is missed.

heyyy can someome puhhhlease tell me what Sasha's last name is??? I cant read it on the picture the writins is so small!

Can someone send me the link to download the high quality version of this cover ( I want to use it as my desktop wallpaper. Thanks in advance :)

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