See You Later, Decorator

I haven't really posted anything about Bravo's Project Runway spin-off Top Design, but considering the season finale is tonight, I figured I would get it out of the way and express my feelings of concern. I did not follow the show religiously, but I did go through pretty much every episode at a certain point in the past few weeks, and it was seriously boring.

First of all, how can you expect a designer to assemble a decent room when all the furniture is provided by the Pacific Design Center? Second, Jonathan Adler is supposed to be fun and flamboyant, and yet the brightest thing about him in the show were his ties. He could have used a few pointers from Michael Kors (and since we are talking about Michael, I am sure he could have judged this show too). Third, the other judges are so plain that you could not avoid to feel that Valium was being catered along with muffins. The only good thing about the judging was the couture put on display by Kelly Wearstler.

Casting could have used some help too. Lisa looked like Storm from X-Men. John was a raging troublemaker, but got eliminated early on. Michael was responsible for keeping some drama alive, but he was certainly no Santino. Goil was cute, sort of sexy, and talented. There could have been a couple of more shots of him in his undies sketching home at night.

Now down to the two finalists: what can I say about Matt that has not been suggested by the cover on the right? He is actually a good designer, but even my mother is more masculine than him. Not that there is anything wrong about being a girlie girl, as long as his wife and baby are down with that. He is probably going to win tonight, but my vote goes to Carisa, who provided much better TV than him. I am not implying that she is a lesbian, but she had the biggest balls during the show. She was obnoxious, colorful, and loud, which are key to good TV.

If Bravo is planning a second season of this mess, then I recommend hot shirtless carpenters throughout the show to keep me interested. Now one can only hope Shear Genius is a better spin-off than Top Design (and Top Chef). BTW, did I mention how obsessed I am with Work Out?


i heart goil. i was so sad when i heard he left. i couldnt watch the episode.

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