New Faces

I got this promotional picture with a selection of the new faces from 40 Graus Models on my mailbox yesterday, and I thought some of you would enjoy it as much as I did.

Click on image to enlarge (I wish it had been distributed as a poster). To find out who's who in the picture above, check out a mapped version of it after the jump.


the boys are way better looking than the girls.....

What? Have girls in the picture???? Sorry, I didn't notice that... lol
My favorites are number 15, 20 and 26...

This is a beatiful b&w photo of young men and women although I am more interested in the males than the females.

The guys that caught my eye were: 24, 18, and 12 (in that order) and numbers 26, 14, 10, and 15.

Again, the photo of these strikingly-good looking models (female and male) are devoid of the racial diversity which makes up the country!

(I am quite aware of the blogmaster's take on the matter; his "hands are tied!")

Love #12 (Tayrone Lemos)! And #4 and #15 are good too.

hola outthere! my name is Joss, i'm 21, and I live in france. wanted to say: wahhh! brazilian guys are so .. HOT! if only I could have just one of these.

my favourites are 2, 10 and 26.

if ever someone would like to hook me up about your beautiful country, just come! i'm open! ;)

and i've left my website adress, come and take a look! ;)

Yum, why dont Australian's look like that!
David Sydney.
(Unfortunately, people in Sydney have gone for the LA look or simply, the crystall meth look or the I want to be Paris Hilton look.)

o melhor eh o n° 12(Tayrone Lemos)

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