More On The Air Traffic Control Crisis

As much as I would not fly in Brazil this coming weekend, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva assured travelers that a new strike by air traffic controllers is out of the picture. Just in case, however, an emergency plan has been outlined to ensure that flights will continue as normal if controllers resume their protests over working conditions. Under the plan, 1,000 members of the Brazilian air force would take on the duties of 2,500 air traffic controllers, who are subject to military discipline even though they work in civil aviation.

The President also announced that the negotiation with air traffic controllers will continue as long as there are no protests this Easter weekend, and authorized the arrest of controllers in case of a new paralyzation. According to Mark Baumgartner, president of the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations, the proposed process of demilitarization of air traffic control might take up to 8 years to be completed. Mr. Baumgartner also criticized the fact that air traffic control is under the Ministry of Defense in Brazil.


Air travel in Brazil is a joke.

Since 2002 I have traveled to Brasil (various parts). I HAVEN'T encountered any adverse situations. When I had to wait, I did this patiently and life continued positively for me!

Don't believe in Brazilian politicians and don't think about flying to or thru Brazil. There are more safe and beautiful places to be.

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