Waiting For 300 And Stalking Santoro

Zack Snyder's 300 opens nationwide in the United States on Friday, and there is a lot of buzz about Rodrigo Santoro in the role of Xerxes. In a recent interview to promote the movie, here is what the Brazilian actor had to say about shaving his hair for the part:

I had my whole body shaved man. We started waxing and I have a lot of respect for women after that, but I will leave that to the girls, it just hurt so much. The next day I was asking for a razor and we were shaving my whole body.

The makeup process, four hours and a half, was a great time for me to get into character because he's so much about himself. I just took that time for myself to get into that character and just be a megalomaniac giant believing that he was just beyond anything.

Click here for more pictures of the premiere last night.


Looking forward to this movie. Although, I'll be honest, I have not looked into what it is about. It just looks beautifully shot.

I don't get it. Is this guy attractive at all?

i was at the premiere and after-party on monday...rodrigo is way hotter in person.

You better believe he's hot. Here's a far better picture: http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1807839027/photo/483429

The movie is pretty...racist...homophobic...homoerotic and completely ludicous in its history and storytelling. A Spartan dictator-king spouting homilies about freedom when he runs a nation that is anything BUT? This is like meeting a beautiful man then learning he likes to call people names like nigger and faggot and camel jockey and demean anyone who is not tall, well-built, bronzed to perfeciton by the sun and beautiful to gaze upon. A vile movie...but it is pretty. And it is homoerotic. And if that's all you want...well, I pity you.

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