Double Dose Of Beyoncé

It is not often that an artist comes out with two videos at once, especially after having already released four singles out of an album. Yesterday Beyoncé released the diamond and Rolls loaded "Upgrade U," where she pretends to be Jay, and teamed up with Shakira for a belly dancing session on "Beautifil Liar."

Water seems to be a theme on both videos, but I will stick with the second one. Is it going to become a spring hit?

And Ms. Knowles also has more videos lined up: one for each song on the album.


I find myself paying more attention to Shakira in the Beautiful Liar video. I love the way she sings her verses and the way she dances. I don't really care for the songs but she probably have a hit with the first video.

HIT? you have got to be kidding!!!! this song and video SUCKS big time!

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