Behind The Scene At Vanity Fair With Rody

Models Leandro Ghidini, Saulo Melo, Rody Cezar, and Renato Rangel take a break at the shoot for the Latin American edition of Vanity Fair magazine over the weekend in Rio.

After playing in the pool, model Rody Cezar had to change from his board shorts into a swimsuit. The entire process is captured in exclusive pictures after the jump.

1. Towel around the waist, board shorts come off.

2. Board shorts get replaced by red swimsuit.

3. Swimsuit on, towel off.

4. A couple of poses for the camera, and a side view.

5. "Ok, enough already!"



And who is to his right at the pool's edge.
O dios mio!

Rody is cute, love the side shot of just his trunk and upper legs with two guys in the background. What a great bubble but!

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