Speedo Break: Paraíso Tropical

Actors Sérgio Abreu and Carlos Casagrande during a break from shooting the new primetime soap Paraíso Tropical, in which they will play a (hot) gay couple.

According to the actors and writers, the storyline will not revolve around any type of prejudice or obstacles faced by the couple because of their sexuality. Instead, as a sign of growing acceptance and changes on Brazilian television, the couple will be portrayed in the same manner of a straight couple. And to think that about a year ago a gay kiss was vetoed in the final episode of the soap America.


Great looking hunks with great bodies.

I wish we had the show in the USA!

we better get some tongue action this time!

Any idea when this airs? Hope I'll still be here to see it!

It starts on Monday.

I love this comment: "they will play a (hot) gay couple". Are we looking at the same photo? What is this "play a hot gay couple"? They ARE a HOT gay couple in this photo!!! Thanks for the great start to my day!

Some pretty handsome hunks! They make a perfect couple :)

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