Madonna And The Neptunes

The Confessions Tour DVD has just been released last week, but I hear from very good sources that Pharrell Williams is flying to London to meet with Madonna next week and work on two tracks for her next album. Could she be following the footsteps of Gwen Stefani?
Meanwhile, the money keeps rolling in. The new M by Madonna clothing line is set to reach H&M stores this month.


Wouldn't that be funny...if people started comparing Madonna to Gwen.
That will teach Madonna to roll her eyes at my Gwenny ;)

I wish Madonna wasn't jumping on this particular music bandwagon a la Gwen, Nelly F and Justin. She should always DO HER OWN THING.

Gwen is such a sellout.

i'm not sure why people feel like anytime an artist has worked with a producer that suddenly that makes the producer off limits to everyone else. gwen and madonna are friendly (according to gwen they've had dinner parties together), so i'm sure they've discussed trading pharrell and stuart from time to time. it's fun to switch up your sound every now and again. anyway, it's not as if either of them ever really swings so far outside of the dance/pop/r&b sound they've always had.

I like this blog...I will come around here more often! And I think Gwen and Madonna, (and Marilyn Monroe) are the same girl, and Christina Aguilera is a second cousin. And so is Paris Hilton (which stole Gwen's "Cool" songbeat in "Stars are Blind". Madonna's doing the whole "Oriental" thing too, just like Gwen...why don't these Gwenabes stop copying and stealing ORIGINAL, CLEAN, BEAUTIFUL, & ARTISTIC ideas from this 90s, 00s, and about-to-be 10s artist? How mad would M.J. be if someone came from behind w/ his same look and sound and became more popular? Same w/ Madonna in her time (80s/90s) and any other Artist w/ True status of fame.

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