Speedo Break: Paraíso Tropical

Actors Sérgio Abreu and Carlos Casagrande during a break from shooting the new primetime soap Paraíso Tropical, in which they will play a (hot) gay couple.

According to the actors and writers, the storyline will not revolve around any type of prejudice or obstacles faced by the couple because of their sexuality. Instead, as a sign of growing acceptance and changes on Brazilian television, the couple will be portrayed in the same manner of a straight couple. And to think that about a year ago a gay kiss was vetoed in the final episode of the soap America.

It's Fashion Week In Paris And...

None of the models were harmed during the Viktor & Rolf show, but they could have easily been thanks to the steel rods, lights, and extra paraphernalia they were forced to stroll down the runway. As if that was not enough, they had to do so in clogs with heels. I highly doubt someone paid any attention to the clothes when Raquel Zimmermann's life was in danger.

Margiela wants you to start focusing on your shoulders for a change. They are going to be big come next fall.

Is futurism over? Balenciaga went folk and ethnic on us with turquoise stockings, a non-stop series of jodphurs, and jackets which will be flying off the shelves come August. It just so happens that Mr. Ghesquière turned out the most colorful and commercial collection of his career.

Let's have a minute of silence as a tribute to the shoes at Balenciaga. Genious does not begin to describe them.

Galliano came up with the most literal (and glamorous and fur-covered) 40's revival so far this season. Even though his Dior bags were nothing out of the ordinary, the hats were insane.

Now why would Yohji Yamamoto channel Louis Vuitton?

Why would Rei Kawakubo reference Disneyland? In pastel colors? For fall? Please avoid minnie mouse ears, bunny ears, frizzy hair, and gloves applied to your dress.

Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: John

Texas boy John is one of the latest boys to make his debut on All American Guys. I can't believe I am actually going to say this, but he is also the one model with the hottest nipples I have seen on the site. There are more pictures of John after the jump.

What I Should Not Be Listening To

I am sad to inform that my addictions this week consist so far of Avril Lavigne and Katherine McPhee's new songs. And I am sharing the videos:

Since the topic is my pop musical (lack of) taste, make sure to also download Beyoncé's new duet with Shakira "Beautiful Liar." Is it going to be followed by a belly dancing ghetto video? One can only hope.

Twisted Logic: Coldplay In São Paulo

Chris Martin and his Coldplay brought their Twisted Logic tour to São Paulo yesterday for a sold out concert at Via Funchal. The band asked all bars inside the arena to close 15 minutes prior to the show, not allowing any further sales of alcoholic drinks. Rodrigo Santoro and girlfriend Ellen Jabour were there.

There are more pictures of the concert at UOL and Terra.

Diesel Intimates And The Era Of Photoshop

Flipping through images of the new spring 2007 Diesel Intimates campaign at Ohlala Paris, I noticed something odd about Brazilian model Karim Aun, who I had seen this past December at a casting.

Then I realized all the tattoos spread through his body had been digitally removed (or altered) for the campaign. Notice also that the tattoo on his right arm which was completely removed on the first picture above appears on the third one. Does that make any sense?

Because I absolutely love the tattoos, it was my duty to share two actual polas sans manipulation.

It is amazing what you can do with a computer nowadays. An enlarged version of the polas is after the jump.

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