Democracy At The Beach

With all the fashion going on in the city I can't believe I almost let this one pass (thanks to Andy I did not): today's New York Times brings an article about the beach culture in Rio, and the various divisions of Brazil's most famous stretch of sand according to race, class, and even sexuality. It is a good read if you are heading to Rio for Carnival next week.

Meanwhile, Brazilian site Mix Brasil reports today on Farmeganistão, an anti-gay group from Rio threatening to disturb the peace next week at street Farme de Amoedo. I am hoping the city has arranged for extra security (or the army which is more appropriate).


I am brazilian and I don´t believe that the police will doing something, they are very busy in the ocupation of the favelas.
Pitboys are son of rich people, and the law for the richs in Brazil do not exist.

And people talk about the US of A????

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