Dear Mr. Thom Browne

What can I say about your collection? Last fall you had boys ice skating in shorts and fur coats, and now you suggest I walk down the street in a bell shaped cape trimmed with fur or thigh-high socks? As much as your parade of suits and jackets feels more suitable to my 5-year-old brother, I can't avoid admiring you for having the guts to send out a model in a shimmery silver coat down the runway, or to attempt to convince men to wear a fur stole.

One last thing: I would love to see you outside in this cold weather in the little shorts and socks you proposed for fall (I will spare you from wearing the hat to match).

And the New York fashion marathon continued yesterday:

Mr. Varvatos proved that real men will actually not need tigh-high socks and pom-pom hats to look cool next winter. I love the shawl collar on the jackets (and even his take on the colorblocked blazer).

Marc Jacobs was looking tanned and buff at the end of his show last night. The collection which will dictate American fashion come fall was much more commercial (and colorful) than ones shown in previous seasons. It felt like a sophisticated cross between Marni and Prada in my opinion. The casting included Brazilians Bruna Sottili, Bruna Tenório, Daiane Conterato, and Raquel Zimmermann.

Talking about Bruna Tenório, the 17-year-old seems to be on every runway in New York.

Solange Wilvert has grown up and looks chicer than ever.

Carol Trentini and Raquel Zimmermann are picking the same shows this season. Both southern blondes have done Luella, Carolina Herrera, and Oscar de la Renta.

On the Project Runway side of things, Jay McCarroll shared his feelings about his relationship with Tim Gunn.

Want more coverage of the men's collections? Click here to heat things up on another freezing day in New York.


Thanks for all these notes :)

I must say that I find the men in shorts in winter very brave. I'm attracted to them.

I think his men's and women's fashions are hideous! If I'd been at his show, I would have been rather disappointed in viewing this "stuff!"

F*** Thom Browne.

Thom Browne does couture. And NYFW is not fit for that much creativity and non-commercialism. If it were Paris or Milan people would marvel at the genius. But in NYC, people see that and don't understand it is a statement more than something to go shop for at Barneys.

Thom Browne runway shows are pretty ridiculous. I dont think that stuff is meant to be worn outside. Hell, a lot of crap on the runway from a bunch of designers shoudlnt be worn. Like a lot of Hedi slimanes stuff. However, out of sheer quit quality and construction, Thom Browne is the best of "fashion designers"

jay? he's nothing but an insecure cartoon!!!!

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