The Boys Of São Paulo Fashion Week

One of the coolest people I met at Fashion Rio and SPFW was certainly Maria, who was covering beauty trends and made it into every backstage with me. She sent me some of her pictures of the male models, and I thought they were so beautiful that I decided to create a portfolio with 25 of her images for the blog.

Click here to view the complete Boys of SPFW portfolio by Maria.

Maria also happens to be a great writer (she was also the best dressed girl in São Paulo), so if you read Portuguese stop by her blog No Provador.


Thanks for all the great things you said about me. Meeting you was so very (f.) nice!
Wish you only the best!

Let's have a happy, fashion and lucky 2007!
ps- Whenever you have time go have some ginger martini at the Peep for me!


Very cute but once again not reflective of the gorgeous multiple cultures that make Brazil such a great and beautiful country! What a shame!

Send me live boys from Brazil

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