The Boys Of Fashion Rio

It is a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Here are some of my favorite male models seen at Fashion Rio for the past two days:

David Chaloub, and sushi man-turned-model Raphael Sander.

Ford Supermodel 2006 winner Gabriel Grandi and Saulo Melo.

New face Ismael and Pedro Bahia.

Dieter and Thiago Gaiotto, and more exclusive pictures of the country's hottest male models after the jump.


What's the name of the guy on the right in the last photo? It's impossible that such beauty can exist! Please, post his name! I beg you!

Eduardo Ramiro. More pics of him are coming next week.

i could have helped you...

and he is from my city, campo grande-mato grosso do sul......

wow. i'm pretty disappointed. in a city as racial diverse as rio is, there seems 2 b NO representation of true carioca beauty there.

where are the mulattos? the TRUE beauty of brasil isnt represented, once again...

SO sad!



So much waxing...

C'mon where is the real beauty boi's of BRAZIL? I feel like I'm looking at Wonder Bread!!! I'm getting bored already with guys, give me some flavor DAMNIT!!!

C'mon where is the real beautiful boi's of BRAZIL? I feel like I'm looking at Wonder Bread!!! I'm getting bored already with these guys, give me some flavor DAMNIT!!!

David Chaloub is sooooooooooo hot...

I also wonder why there is not more racial diversity in the above pictures. Beautiful Brazilian men come in many colors, from Merino and Mulatto to Afro-Brazilians. People looking at these pictures will wonder why all the models are blonds with blue eyes or a close facsimile. On the international circuit, there are also many Africans who are models.

Lawrence addressed my query although you have written about it previously!

I viewed the pics of the attractive men and thought: I'd like to see deeper hued men on the runway wearing those fabulously-designed clothes. I did the typekey stuff, etc., but before I began to type-- I read Lawrence's response (of which I absolutely agree 150%)!

This is not what I've seen on the streets of Rio. I've been to Rio (six times) Sao Paulo (four) Bahia (Salvador) (twice) and to Curitiba and some of the smaller and quainter towns. Of all of the places I've visited-- I thought RIO to be the most diverse in terms of people and their hues.
Diversity reigns supreme here, but again, one would never know it from what is depicted in the media! It is truly unfortunate for all concerned!!!!!

these guys are hot! thanks.

In a country as BLack as Brasil, why are these guys all White-looking. Are Brazilian whites a bunch of racists?

I was there to document backstage, not as a casting director unfortunately. There was a lot more racial diversity on the women's shows in my opinion.

The two guys in the last picture are super hot. The rest are a bit bland. And, yeah, the lack of non-white faces in Brazil of all places is odd to this New Yorker.

I travel to Brazil frequently. The men are dark-skinned and gorgeous! Why is this fashion show featuring European looking models? I suspect racism in Brazil is as bad as it is in the United States...

While I agree that racism may be a serious problem in choosing male models in Brasil, and that must be corrected, I also take exception to the comments that white and near white brasilian models are not real brasilians and do not have flavor. As pointed out by others Brasil is a racially diverse country and white/nearwhite boys who are born in Brasil, and especially who have roots deep in Brasil as well, are just as much Brasilian as are their browner brethren. Also, being brown does not mean that you automatically have flavor. Flavor is an attitude, not color, and plenty of pale brasilian boys have it just like the brown and black ones do. Before all of you cry racism, I suggest you look in the mirror first.

IMHO It is probable that by using the term white Ed, Micbu and others meant that those models are mostly of European origin, there are too many Caucasians. It would be nice to see more Latinos.

As I wrote at another spot-- I have a friend who lives in San Francisco who was born and bred in Sao Paulo. One evening I asked him about the racial situation as it exists in his country. His response was that racial prejudice reigns supreme in his country, but the Brasilians acknowledge it as a MYTH!

This is really unfortunate since Brasil purports to be a country of acceptance of all people: it is a myth in reality and in terms of its people.

Super hot dudes!

i agree with everyone else there more people of color in Brazil than Europeans!This is the 21st Century!

Does anyone know the kinda of necklace being worn by David Chaloub and where to get one?

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