Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: Evan

Since I landed in New York this morning, let's take a break from the Brazilian models and fashion shows and focus on a boy from Florida instead, courtesy of All American Guys.

There are more pictures of Evan after the jump to raise the temperature in the Northern hemisphere.

Visit All American Guys asap for enlarged versions of the pictures, as well as videos of Evan.


you should be upfront about whether you are getting paid to put "all american guys" and "the boy" entries into your blog

hot cutie

why should he be up front with that info ... just sit relax and enjoy buddy who cares if they get paid are you getting any of the funds..

Jeri, what concern is it of yours if the blogmaster desires to put pics in his blog from other sources!!!!!!

(Garcia, I wholeheartedly agree with what you wrote! Either Jeri enjoys this blog or leave it alone!!!!!)

Evan puts the "H" in to Hot!

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