Too Good To Be True: Mister Brazil 2007

Tonight Curitiba will host the Mister Brasil 2007 pageant, selecting a candidate to represent the country in the Mister World pageant in March. My favorites are below:

Mr. Paraná, Pernambuco, Minas Gerais, and Pará (the kid from Paraná is so cute he better win this thing). Click here to check out all the 27 candidates.

Note to self: How come I don't get invited to judge one of these events?


Looking at all the contestants, it would be hard to believe blacks comprise 65% of Brazil's population. But yes, we're racists.

Paraná is the best!!!!!!!

Para, of course. But he is not from there, is he?

Send me Paranà & Mato GROSSO, please :)

They SHOULD have you judge... unless they've already fixed it. Even better, you could do your own, and I'll bet you'll have twice as many sponsors as soon as word gets out you're doing it.

I'm BORED with these guys!!!!!

fico com santa catarina

I know the organizer of this competition hes a very nice guy. He always has very well run Pageants.

Would you really want to Judge Mr Brazil?

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