SPFW: Massage Break

Model Jonatas Ruiz getting a massage before the last show in São Paulo on Monday. The free massage service available at several lounges at SPFW should be adopted in New York. I took full advantage of it as well.

BBB7: Diego Jumps In The Shower

It seems like the 7th season of Big Brother Brasil is all about boys in the shower. I have not been watching the show as I was busy covering São Paulo Fashion Week, and I will miss it this month in New York, but thanks to modern technology here is a video of Diego (a.k.a. Alemão) in the shower sans swimsuit. Warning: NSFW.

I love it that he takes his swimsuit off while the other guy is still in the shower with him. Via Famosos Nus.

Contestant Alan Pierre, the first one to ever jump naked in the shower, was eliminated yesterday with 66% of the votes.

Letters From Rio On V

If you either missed or enjoyed my live coverage of Fashion Rio here on the blog, head over to the blogs at V Magazine to read my letters from Rio about the collections. There are also 3 galleries with several exclusive pictures which were not posted on the blog, and which I highly recommend you take a look at.

To read more about the fashions in Rio before New York Fashion Week begins, check out V Blogs asap.

If you are interested on my take on the men's collections, visit OUTzone TV for an extensive coverage of Rio, and a slideshow of the hottest male models.

Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: Evan

Since I landed in New York this morning, let's take a break from the Brazilian models and fashion shows and focus on a boy from Florida instead, courtesy of All American Guys.

There are more pictures of Evan after the jump to raise the temperature in the Northern hemisphere.

SPFW: The Rise Of Bruna Tenório And The Return Of Sommer

What did I say about Bruna Tenório? The 17-year-old booked nothing less than 26 shows out of 38 this past week in São Paulo, opening 4 of them.

Caroline Trentini was absent for the last two days, but still managed to open 9 shows. Viviane Orth and Solange Wilvert were also a must-book this season. Watch out for Monique Olsen, Lais Navarro, and Emanuela de Paula.

Russian model Eugenia Volodina could not fix her rep as Brazilian hater in time for the shows, and attracted less attention than fellow Russian Eugenia Kuzmina. Several designers refused to book her thanks to her Vanity Fair interview bashing Brazilian models two years ago.

While models were busy working in São Paulo, Gisele was having some fun with Tom Brady in New York.

Isabela Capeto maintained the buzz around her name with a small presentation for press yesterday in the morning, almost in a couture sort of way. I did not get to see it live, but the video did the trick.

If Prada's fall collection and Marc Jacob's spring line had a baby, it would have looked like Huis Clos for fall 2007. Remaining true to her aesthetic and sophisticated approach to fabric and color, Clô Orozco did not send out a single bad look on the runway yesterday. It was the most cohesive collection shown in the city, and I wish it had been presented on a regular runway.

Designer Marcelo Sommer made a triumphant return to the event with his new label Do Estilista. As much as there was (way) too much going on in every look to cater to my needs, it was nice to see him back on track and to hear Dolly Parton on the soundtrack. It will be interesting to see how his parade of blanket trench coats will translate once they hit the stores.

Quick question: Brazilian model Raphael Aidar or Justin Timberlake?

Eat Your Heart Out

Model Mateus Verdelho backstage at Cavalera.

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