BBB7: Diego Jumps In The Shower

It seems like the 7th season of Big Brother Brasil is all about boys in the shower. I have not been watching the show as I was busy covering São Paulo Fashion Week, and I will miss it this month in New York, but thanks to modern technology here is a video of Diego (a.k.a. Alemão) in the shower sans swimsuit. Warning: NSFW.

I love it that he takes his swimsuit off while the other guy is still in the shower with him. Via Famosos Nus.

Contestant Alan Pierre, the first one to ever jump naked in the shower, was eliminated yesterday with 66% of the votes.


we need more naked Brazilians.

Damn.It's giving me some "Dailymotion users have marked it as inappropriate" crap.Anywhere else to see the vid?

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