Banning YouTube In Brazil?

When MTV presenter Daniela Cicarelli was caught on tape having sex in the waters of Spain with her hot beau Tato Malzoni last September, I was happy for her. I thought it would make her famous worldwide (thanks partially to me it did), and it meant her relationship was going well.

Now she has gone just a little too far. I understand her trying to get the video removed from YouTube because she does not want the world to see the famous sex scene (not that there is a single Brazilian citizen alive who has not seen it yet), but trying to ban YouTube in the country with a judicial order is something I will simply not tolerate.

Cicarelli and Malzoni sued YouTube last year and won an injunction for the removal of the video, but São Paulo Supreme Court Justice Zuliani expanded his order, and included the telecommunications companies last week after the clip continued to appear periodically on the internet. Last Friday YouTube was blocked by Brazil's second-largest fixed-line telephone operator after receiving the court order to prevent the video from being seen by Brazilians. The order, however, is temporary and will automatically be reviewed by a judicial panel. Luckily YouTube is still available in areas served by other telecommunications companies, such as in São Paulo, Rio, and Porto Alegre.

If Daniela Cicarelli is so worried about exposure, why is she still posing in underwear half naked? In my opinion, the ad in the video above is almost as revealing as Daniela having some fun with her bf in the water. My words of wisdom: you did it, we all saw it, and it was great (I even felt jealous for a little bit). Now you can let it go, and start having sex in the priacy of your bedroom. You could also make a DVD out of the video and cash in.

If for some reason I am not able to acess YouTube, I may just email the video to my entire mailing list this week.

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Wanna do something about it? Check out Boycott Cicarelli, a site which not only asks Brazilians to stop watching MTV until Cicarelli drops the lawsuit, but also provides the link to the sex video (which was apparently not banned by Google Video).


that low class b*t*h trying to stop youtube on brazil. didn't she think a thousand times before doing sex in a beach with a lot of people around and now she's trying to bring the matter bigger.

I'm confused. The video was shot in a public place. What law is broken by airing it?

Youtube should stop flagging gay groups as well, you'll be hard pressed to find any in their regular list...or stumble on any gay videos in their daily/weekly top views.

They're slipping off.

Check the ad created, taking advantage of this "sex video", by the Southern State of Rio Grande do Sul - too funny

Ai esta o video da Cicarelli

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