Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: Judson

Although I am in South America at the moment, Judson, a competitive bodybuilder from Minnesota, seems like a very good choice to end a year loaded with Non-Brazilian Guys.

Such a cute body. More pictures of Judson after the jump (semi-NSFW).

Visit All American Guys asap for enlarged versions of the pictures, as well as videos of Judson.


This guy is a real babe. I hope I get to see him soon!

Happy New Year!

Make him an honorary Brazilian, I say.

And maybe change the category from Non-Brazilian Guys to Honorary Brazilian Guys?...

Judson is so sexy.He is naturally handsome and what a beautiful backside.I want to see more and more!

I don't think it gets much hotter than that!

nice ass !!!

I would be the happiest guy in the world to call Judson mine.......hottest ass I've ever seen.

Jon/ Newport Beach

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