Sunset In Punta del Este

The sun sets around 8:30 pm at this time of the year down here, and it is truly stunning. I took the pictures below this past Friday, and thought I would share them with you as the year comes to an end.

Speedo Sundays from Punta del Este

There is absolutely nothing like summer.

Wish you a happy 2007 wherever you are. Thank you all for reading the blog throughout the year, and helping it grow into something I truly enjoy doing.

New Year's Sauna Or Alegria?

In spite of all the problems happening in the city, I was happy to see that the boys seemed to have a good time last night at the first ever Alegria in Rio. My feeling is that the air conditioner was not strong enough to contain the hotness.

All pictures fresh from the party last night courtesy of my friend Ricardo. More exclusive pictures after the jump.

Non-Brazilian Guy Of The Month: Judson

Although I am in South America at the moment, Judson, a competitive bodybuilder from Minnesota, seems like a very good choice to end a year loaded with Non-Brazilian Guys.

Such a cute body. More pictures of Judson after the jump (semi-NSFW).


I would have loved to post some pictures of the gay beach in Punta del Este today, but since Chihuahua (a somewhat appropriate name for a gay beach) is also a nudist retreat cameras are not allowed.

Due to the lack of pictures of the beach and the boys, here are some pictures I took late in the afternoon when I stopped at Casapueblo in Punta Ballena on my way back from the beach.

Casapueblo was conceived by Uruguayan artist Carlos Paez Vilaró, who created and modelled the Mediterranean style building with his own hands on the cliffs overlooking the sea. Located just 15 minutes from the downtown area of Punta del Este, it is a perfect spot to watch the sunset.

The jeep below was just so cool and perfect for here I had to take a picture.

I had dinner with friends at Baby Gouda in La Barra last night, which I highly recommend if you head south anytime soon. Crobar opened a franchise here last night, and I may check it out tonight.

Hitting The Beach With João Vellutini

From the look of the pictures above you would think that Rosa Chá hired Mert and Marcus to shoot the spring 2007 campaign, but it was Brazilian photographer Jacques Dequeker who turned up the heat with models Carol Trentini and João Vellutini.

It is my favorite catalog this season in Brazil (along with Osklen), so I decided to share a few more pictures with João Vellutini after the jump.

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