And the Hottest Brazilian Of 2006 is...

With 15% of all your votes, Brazilian model Miro Moreira was elected the Hottest Brazilian Of The Year at Made In Brazil. Could it have been because of the sexy tattoo?

We will be seeing more of Miro soon in the new spring D&G campaign. Brazilian model Rafael Lazzini took the second spot, only one vote ahead of Vinicius Naval.

The complete list of the 10 hottest Brazilian guys of 2006 is after the jump.

1. Miro Moreira
2. Rafael Lazzini
3. Vinicius Naval
4. Cauã Reymond
5. Carlos Freire
6. Igor Rosa
7. Rodrigo Santoro
8. Evandro Soldati
9. Michael Camiloto
10. Dado Dolabella

Click here for Brazilian site Mix Brasil's Thermometer of the 10 sexiest guys of 2006. Rafael Verga took the first place.


Is there any way I can just have all three of them? No? Okay, just thought I'd check...Ha Ha!!

Sorry, but Miro has a nice boydy, but he's too sharp and boyish for me. And Rafael looks like really high maintenance. Vinicius I can see being in the top three, but Cauã is still the hottest for me. And not just because of his body -- which is very nice; it's his sparkling eyes and his smile. His smile. His smile. Everything else is gravy.


I thought there would be pictures to accompany the list... boooooo! lol

i love that tattoo, but definitly i dream every night with your gemeos!!

Oh My!! Rafael looks sooooo gorgeous!! Still my ultimate fantasies are Reynaldo Gianecchini and Fernando Freire!! Only in Brazil you could find handsome boys almost naked!! I'm going to Brazil soon.

Miro, hot, love all you Brazilians.......can I move in with you???

Great blog, reading and photos. Some of your readers might enjoy

good luck


I believe all the guys on the list are all gorgeous,why pick only one. It is all or none.

Miro is hot! wow!

Well, this is the first time in a long time that we've received many responses after you have so willingly and conscientiously given your website and its offering your all!

I think the "hottie" who received this honor also received my vote! But I think I viewed other pictures to make my decision!

Congrats, man!

mas mas fotos

Vinicius Naval rules! :P

la vai ele

yo amo los bracileiros

Miro Moreira es uno de los hombres mas lindos, sexy, tierno y dulce del Brazil.

Miro Moreira es uno de los hombres mas lindos, sexy, tierno y dulce del Brazil.


Rafael Lazzini He's the one for me. Oh my goddddddd !!!! Lookkk his SEXY !!!

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