To Get You Through The Weekend: Cauã Reymond

This week gossip magazine Quem features an interview with soap hottie Cauã Reymond about his teenage years, getting harassed by the gay media (he doesn't mention me though), and his current affair with Lise Grendene. Unfortunately it is in Portuguese, but even if you don't speak the language, at least check out the extra picture galleries.

Interesting little excerpt from the interview:
QUEM- Doesn't it bother you to be harassed by men?
CAUA- No. Homophobia doesn't get you anywhere. We have to be more tolerant.

And that is just another reason to like him.


he's just superb!
i'll never forget the day i could say 'hi' and congratulate him after he played 'em alto mar' (a play by the guimarães brothers) in my town. he's even prettier in person!

loved the statement he made about homophobia!
it makes me like him even more!


He's just the cutest most adorable guy. I've loved him since the first Terra-Boy galleries went up a few years ago.

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