The Invasion Of The Emos

Forget the metrosexual. The latest excuse to get in touch with your feminine side in Brazil is called the emo. I don't know where they came from because I don't remember seeing them around last time I was here. I spent the last two weeks thinking some people were prepping for Halloween, but it turned out they were all part of the battalion of emos which took over the nation.

If you are not familiar with emos, you can read about them here (altough this definition is more appropriate to what I see here). I was told that emos do not like to classify themselves as gay or straight; they simply love, be it a boy or a girl. To me, it all sounds like some lame excuse for teenagers to do drag and kiss other boys without having to admit that they are gay. Studying the subject I came to realize that I am right because "emo" apparently is not short for "emotional" as the Brazilian kids are thinking. And even if it were, no one ever told me that for a man to express his emotion he would have to wear eyeliner and nail polish, and get a bad shaggy haircut (because that would make even me depressed).

To better analyze this fascinating phenomenon, here are some pearls I found on YouTube:

Next time I come to Brazil I don't want to go to a bar and find myself in the middle of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Please bring the metrosexual back, or give these kids a free gym membership.


These videos are hillarious! I passed them along to a dozen friends!
EMOs, huh? I had never heard about it, but it just look to me like "light-goth" and not sure why it even has it's own name. In mid 80's Brazil they were called "Darks" and hang out at Crepusculo de Cubatao & Dr. Smith in Rio or Madame Sata or Rose Bombom in Sao Paulo. The main difference is that Darks strived to each have their own individual look and Emos seem like carbon copies of one another.

Hmmm ... Seems like just a bunch of confused kidz wanting to be different but not so different. A form of rebellion maybe? Every generation has it. Where as the Goths or Darks seemed to have a typical look yet individual in their own way these "EMOs" all look the same guyz and galz. Where as in the 80's and 90's androgeny was fashionable these kidz have taken it beyond that. Girls doing girls, guys doing guys and claim not gay. Hmmm ... remember the the old machismo where as long as they were not the guy on the recieving end but instead the top it was ok and the top was not gay. Today kidz also believe that oral sex is not sex. Hmmm ... The mark of youth.

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