13 Brazilian Boys For 2007

Just what I needed to get me excited about the new year: V Man published a Boys of Wilhelmina calendar this season, but Brazilian magazine Key went even further and convinced 13 Brazilian actors and models to pose in very unexpected situations for its 2007 calendar.

Clockwise from top left: Rafael Vella, Thiago Rodrigues (in men's jellies), Felipe Izing, and Erich Mariani. Click to enlarge. Images via Mix Brasil.

I will scan the calendar as soon as I get my hands in a copy. The magazine hits newstands in Brazil next week.

Eye On Brazil

CNN International is featuring a series of reports on the country hosted by Jim Clancy. "Eye On Brazil" takes on Brazilian economy, politics, society, and even fashion.

Tonight CNN International will air "Voices of Brazil," an hour long discussion on the country's current state.

Speedo Break: Sérgio Marone

Actor Sérgio Marone (a.k.a. Naomi's former fling) and gf Alinne Moraes went for a swim in Leblon this past weekend. Choice of color: the usual black.

More pictures of the couple at Estrelando.

And I'm Telling You...

That I don't usually do this, but because I have been listening to it all day I felt inclined to share.

I hope Dreamgirls has the same relase date in Brazil.

Bad Rep For Brazilian Tourism?

The holiday horror movie Turistas is stirring some controversy this week on Brazilian blogs: could it be bad for tourism? I don't think Hostel was detrimental to tourism in eastern Europe, so my guess is no. However, I am not amused with what the actors had to say about the many dangers of shooting in Brazil, which Max Brown describes as "middle of nowhere."

New York magazine has an interesting approach to the movie review, comparing it to Babel and Borat in terms of how the rest of the world feels about Americans:

A Brazilian doctor lectures an American woman on all that the U.S. has taken from his country-land, sugar, gold, sexual innocence - while removing her organs one by one, in close-up. He adds he’d take everything if he could.

If I am brave enough to watch the movie this Friday when it opens nationwide I will let you know what my thoughts are. As bad as it sounds, at least Josh Duhamel is in it.

Still on the movie topic, I saw For Your Consideration this past weekend. Has Christopher Guest lost it or is it just me? It would have been painful to sit through it if it were not for the brilliant performance by Catherine O'Hara and Jennifer Coolidge's 5 minutes on the screen.

Shopping For Brazilian Models At Neiman Marcus

Wondering where in the world is Rafael Verga? I found some pictures of the Brazilian model while doing some holiday shopping online at Neiman Marcus.

Unfortunately he is not featured in the underwear section, but we do get a back view in some Dolce & Gabbana jeans.

Model Daniel Bueno also makes online holiday shopping a nicer experience. His pictures are after the jump.

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