New Brazilian Supermodels

There must be something in the water in the south (and I am not just saying that because I am a southern boy myself): 15-year-old Vanessa Cruz was the Brazilian winner at last night's Ford Models Supermodel Of The World 2006 at Hotel Unique in São Paulo. She will represent Brazil in New York early next year. Former winners include the likes of Camila Finn and Liliane Ferrarezi.

The male model winner was 18-year-old Gabriel Grandi.


Gabriel looks so All-American white bread I have a hard time believing he is Brazilian. He must have a lot of immigrant German genes in him.

he suuuuure look american.. hum...hum...hum

Folks, the only real Brazilians are the Native Brazilians--the so-called Indians. The rest are immigrants or part immigrant whether they are black, white or Asian or some combination.

and Americans are not made up of immigrant italians and germans?

Hello, Grandi is a typical Northern Italian last name. Many many Brazilians descend from Northern Italian immigrants. They are often tall and fair.

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