More Calendar Boys

Here are more pictures from the calendar of Brazilian hotties included in the 4th issue of Key Magazine:

Clockwise from top left: Pedro Neschling (my favorite picture btw), Anderson Dornelles, Jonathan Haagensen, and Rodrigo Hilbert. I am happy to see at least one ethnic boy featured (you may remember Jonathan from City Of God).

Click to enlarge. There is more after the jump.

Brazilian actor André Bankoff looks way too sexy in the picture above for the month of June. Below are the boys for October and November, José Loreto and JP Demasi.

The calendar was photographed by Brazilian director Candé Salles. Key magazine hits Brazilian newstands next week.


Yes, one very unattractive "ethnic" boy. With all of the BEAUTIFUL BLACK brazilian men please tell me how none ever seem to make it into the "hottest" calendars, photo spreads, et al?!?! It really is RIDICULOUSLY ABSURD

because brazilian media is just as racist as american media

I think the webmaster responded to the preceding respondent's query a few weeks back.
In Brasil (currently) as well as in the US (not so much as in the past)-- persons of hue are not depicted very much or if at all in the media. ...quite-- quite-- unfortunate.

I'm glad the young man of color is here; I did not find him horrible on the eyes, but it would be nice if the country of my love (Brasil) would begin to hon up to reality!

What the hell is an “ethnic" boy? Aren’t you also ethnic? Or wasn't your Mama human too?! By the way Jonathan is handsome. I hope is old enough to be in the calendar. There are too many child molesters visiting Brazil these days. They have to be stopped.

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