Men's Jellies?

Unfortunately the Aranha 1979 men's jellies developed by Mr. Herchcovitch in partnership with Melissa for his spring 2007 collection only run up to a size 42. I took a look at them last week in São Paulo, and actually thought they have the potential to look cool (and practical) this summer. Could 3 weeks away from New York have destroyed my sense of fashion?


I used to own a pair of the original Melissa Jellies in the late 70's that look almost like these ones. They came in 2 colors, clear and brown, that was supposed to be Coca-Cola scented. They were very hip at the time, specially for a guy to wear, but as a young teenager I was very ready to experiment and develop my own look. They did make you feet feel very clammy on a hot day and I would not recomend it for city life. Would I wear them again? Hell no!

Were they as comfortable as Crocs, rubber shoes which seemed especially fitted and designed for each wearer. I have three of the newer designs and wore my first pair while in Sao Paulo, Rio, and Buenos Aires recently.

One night I wore them with my all black ensemble, sox less to a Tango program. I felt comfortable, I know that!

...too bad that these Jellies only come in three colors and limited sizes...

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