Fotolog Of The Week: DiLacerda

As part of my effort to convince everybody to come down to Brazil for New Year's Eve, here is a fotolog loaded with pictures from parties all over the country. DiLacerda may hail from Belo Horizonte, but he sure gets around.

Parties, parties, and more shirtless parties. The swimsuit extravaganza is after the jump as expected.

Some of the faces do look familiar, but it is probably from my researching dozens of fotologs in the past year.

If the pictures above have not yet convinced you to get on a plane to Rio this very minute, wait for the party guide I am putting together for next week.


I'11 be convinced when the price of a flight falls below $1100.

Olha o Daniel fazendo fama em miami, será q ele consegue o green card ? LOOL

show de bola!

Nice crotches on all the men.

For flightsf try to book through a consolidator; usually their rates are cheaper, and you still fly on a regularly scheduled flight.

(I live on the WestCoast.)

Muito lindas as fotos...

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