Book Him ASAP: Carlos Freire

If I were shooting anything in Brazil at the moment, the new face from 40 Graus Models would certainly be my first pick. With a perfect body for swimwear, I am sure we will be seeing a lot of him as soon as the spring editorials start to roll out.

More pictures and polaroids of Carlos Freire after the jump.

And he looks that good even in his polas:

All images of Carlos Freire used with permission from 40 Graus Models, which I like to describe as Brazil's Abercrombie Catalog. Take it from me: if you are shooting in Rio, that is the agency you call first.

BTW, 40 Graus celebrated its second anniversary last night in Rio at Baronetti. I wish I could have been there, but at least there are some pictures of the party at Ego.


Wow. Gorgeous guy. Hope to see more of him.

PS. I'm surprised his pants don't fall off in that B&W photo. And he sure does fill out those "polas" very nicely! Thanks again.

Yeah, I agree about Freire. I'm surprised he's not been whisked off by now to Milan and New York. It's been a year now that he's been modeling in Brazil. Would love to see more pictures of him -- is he not even used in advertising and editorials in Brazilian outlets?

I love these beautiful boys with no brains.

he is HOT !!!

Wow. Wow. Wow. Beautiful body, beautiful hair, beautiful smile.

more Carlinhos ...

David, why do so many gay men complain about stereotyping then practise it?

Beautiful basket. Looks great in the trunks.

well...looks good for me

Mais perfeito,impossível!É a propria personificação do DEUS GREGO APOLO! Expressão misteriosa e indecifrável! Tomara que por dentro,seja tão perfeito quanto! Curiosidade:existe por acaso algum DEFEITO? Pelo menos à olho nú não é identificável!Muitas felicidades,um ótimo 2007,um abração e um beijão no seu coração!Mítran.

holas soy alex de argentina y estas muy bueno....escribime a



I love the pic of him coming out of the pool. He's so gorgeous. Let him be my pool accessory any day of the week, Puhleaasse!!

Beauty is everywhere, specially in that side of earth...but he is hot...i must admit! When are we going to see...what was his name again in Belgium (where i live) or worldwide?


I want to see him WITHOUT his trunks!!! WOW!!

You are a sex god

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