The (Fashionable) Blue Lagoon

If Patricia Field had styled "The Blue Lagoon," this is what it would have looked like:

The Lost-inspired editorial shot by Michael Roberts in Angra with model Ana Beatriz Barros is the best one I have seen on Vogue Brasil in a long time. It sums up what I want to experience when "Brasil" is featured inside the "O" of Vogue's cover. Beautiful all the way.

I am often disappointed with what I see on the pages of Brazilian Vogue because I feel it could be taking risks, and making an effort to set a standard as opposed to conforming to the norm. If the quality of the magazine were better, I am sure more people in fashion would be referring to it in the way they do to the magazine's French and Italian sisters. Considering we have great photographers, stylists, designers, and the best selection of models around, I am assuming the problem here is in the direction (but then again that is just my opinion).


that boy is gorgeous

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