Offer Nissim Shakes Up The Week

Saturday night was a bit chilly in São Paulo, but that did not stop the hundreds of boys who wanted to dance to imported DJ Offer Nissim at The Week. I had not been there in a while, so I thought it would be a good excuse to check out the improvements made to the club to celebrate its second year in business.

Needless to say, at 2am the dancefloor was packed and it was almost impossible to feel the cold wind blowing outside in a sea of shirtless men and hot go-go boys (who started the evening in cowboy outfits a la Brokeback Mountain). I did not fully understand the appeal of Mr. Nissim until he took over the turntables and drove the crowd insane. He doesn't just play good music, he also dances all night, putting on a little show to inspire the boys on the dancefloor. His energy is contagious.

I think the videos below will help you understand what the party was like:

Video 1: Go-go cowboy shows off for the camera.
Video 2: DJ Offer Nissim takes over the turntables.
Video 3: Love Sensation and a new go-go outfit.
Video 4: Brazilian cuties on the dancefloor.

There are many more pictures of the go-go cowboys after the jump (which may be NSFW if you are a banker).

I would like to thank Flavio at The Week for always being very nice to me when I am in the city. I appreciate it.


Great videos!
It was amazing....and Offer is the king of The Week

Great post as usual! I think that was the best night I've ever spent at The Week, and I heard the same from so many friends who were there. It inspired me to blog about it (and post some photos and videos), too:

I only recently really started getting into Offer Nissim, and after watching quite a few videos...why do I get the feeling everyone is gay. Not that anything is wrong with that don't see a single GIRL! This is very odd to me. I love Offer Nissim he's now high up in my list of favourite DJs but good god I don't know if I'd have the "balls" to ever see him live. Heck, would I even be allowed? HAHA

Offer is the best Deejay in the world his music discovery the new rhythm and the beats
are so full of energy

Boy from New York
Go Offer!

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