It's Fashion Week in Paris and...

Model Alert: Brazilian Viviane Orth opened the very gray Dior show this week, and also booked Andrew Gn and Louis Vuitton. better learn how to properly spell her name fast.

Brazilian newcomer Bruna Tenório must have a twin sister because she managed to be in almost every single show this far.

Daiane Conterato is joining the usual suspects such as Carol, Raquel, Jeisa, and Flavia as a must-book-Brazilian. She has that strange look of someone who will seduce you, and then slowly kill you.

She may have not booked as many shows as the Brazilians above, but (as I mentioned before) Chanel Iman is by far my favorite new girl this season. I hear Mr. Kanye West agrees with me.

The frightening pant-diaper (previously seen at Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang) may become a trend. Stefano Pilati at YSL accomplished to make it even uglier than anyone else this season.

Stefano Pilati also designed a chic little top for Lil' Kim.

Talking about frightening things, Dior, Lagerfeld, and Yamamoto managed to create the scariest hairstyles of the season. Warning: do not try them at home.

Back to the future was the theme of the week in Paris. Mr. Chalayan apparently caused the biggest fashion orgasm, driving editors to tears with his vision of the new (fashion) world. Below are the Brazilians in the show: Fabiana Semprebom, Emanuela de Paula and Ms. Trentini.

Are any of you wondering what happened to Helmut Lang?

This Balenciaga shoe is too freaking cool for words.

And finally, this Ungaro swimsuit is what I hope to see in pages of magazines come January. I think all designers should have some swimwear on the runway.


I love love love Bruna. She looks like an oriental anime with her big eyes and small lips. Gorgeous

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