To Inspire You To Get To Rio

...Just think that you might bump into actor Carmo Dalla Vecchia while jogging in Ipanema. Images via Estrelando.

BTW, he also likes to jog in a speedo sometimes.

Plan Ahead: New Year's In Rio

Because I receive emails about New Year's in Rio on an hourly basis, I got together with the agents from Brazil's Flex Voyage last week, and we put together some special packages for those of you who are planning to visit the city.

We selected four hotels at different price points, making sure that all of them are used to catering to a gay clientele. I highly encourage you book your trip with the agents from Flex Voyage as I have received excellent feedback from all the people who have worked with them recently (and because I think it is better to deal with a Brazilian agent if you are coming here). I guarantee you they can cater to every need or request you may have while in the country.

In the next few weeks I will be featuring guides to all the parties, as well as information on restaurants and bars to check out while in Rio. Tickets to all the events can be purchased in advance through Flex Voyage.

The four packages for New Year's in Rio are listed after the jump with additional information as to how to book your trip.

Feliz Dia das Bruxas

"Dia das Bruxas" is what we call Halloween in Brazil. We don't trick or treat, and we don't get dressed up in costumes (we save that one for Carnival), which means that I really miss being in New York today.

Fotolog Of The Week: Blackinho

After over a year of fotologs featured here, it is hard for me to come across something that really catches my attention. When a reader sent me a link to Blackinho, I knew I had to post it asap.

Not only do I like the artistic appeal of the b&w pictures, but I had also never found a fotolog that was so obviously erotic. I am used to boys flexing in swimsuits and showing their six-packs, but there is something kinky about this one. Check it out after the jump (some images may be NSFW).

On The D List

Just wanted to let you know that the blog is now on the D List. I am having issues syndicating the entire posts, but hopefully I will get it right soon, so you can read Made In Brazil there as well.

I would like to encourage all my Brazilian readers to join (and add me as a friend of course). It's way more fun than Orkut.

The Latin Jesse Metcalfe

I mentioned the latin version of Desperate Housewives before, and here are some clips with its latin gardener Rodrigo Guirao Diaz in the tub:

Somewhere in LA, Eva Longoria is a little jealous. Clips via Argentine Men.

I am still wondering when the Brazilian version is going to be released (and who will be the Brazilian Metcalfe).

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