Gisele Of The Jungle

As previously reported, La Bündchen shot the new campaign for her Ipanema sandals in the Amazon. Here are some of the print ads which will accompany the commercial:

Click here to view the commercial. As usual, it is amazing (and you know she will sell another 6 million sandals in a blink of an eye).

Gucci Or LV?

Did designer Frida Giannini get inspired by Marc's spring 2006 collection for Louis Vuitton? Perhaps that and everything else because Gucci was all over the place, and not as strong as her spring a year ago.

Where's The Auf Wiedersehen?

When 4 designers are left in the show, we all know (and they all know) that they are the ones who will be showing at Olympus Fashion Week. The designer who gets eliminated in the final challenge though does not have his collection broadcast in the season finale, and is not up for the prize.

Last night's challenge (the last one this season) seemed simple, but it was actually rather difficult: design one single look that fully expresses your point of view as a designer, describe your design philosophy in 3 words, AND also impress the judges with something new. The winner look would be featured on Elle magazine, which is almost as good as the runway presentation.

Uli started sewing her usual printed dress with braided details, but had an epiphany and decided to rip it apart into a sexy and fun minidress. It represented everything she is about, while also proving that she can be versatile. Laura went very safe, but her beaded dress was executed to perfection, and clearly expressed her point of view.

And then there were some problems. Jeffrey treated the judges to a romantic side of his personality, but they did not buy it. His velvety confection was miles away from his point of view expressed throughout the season. Michael chose 3 words with the same sexy meaning to describe his look, but the 3 words which would have better matched his plum evening gown were Kimora, Lee, and Simmons. He failed to deliver in every sense: construction was poor, it was vulgar instead of sultry, and it did not stand up to any dress he has previously designed this season.

Who won? I am trying to keep the drama alive for those who have not watched the show, so my review of last night's challenge is after the jump.

The Trend Goes On: Sex On The Beach

Brazilians just can't get over of the fact that ex-soccer wife Daniela Cicarelli was caught on camera having sex in the ocean while vacationing in Spain. Last Sunday a TV show decided to re-enact the much talked about video with sexy transexual Melina Vasconcelos (who also happens to have a blog) playing Daniela, and a cameo performance by a Ronaldo look-alike (the soccer star and the MTV presenter divorced 86 days after the wedding). It is too good to let it go by unnoticed, even though it is in Portuguese:

Via Papel Pop.

Brazilianizers Of The Week: Kaiser Karl and Ingrid Sischy

Because according to WWD, the designer will join editor Ingrid Sischy in Brazil this November to work on a special issue of Interview magazine. Kaiser Karl will shoot the beautiful people in Rio and São Paulo, and the issue will also take a look at the cultural scene in the country. There are rumors that the designer may shoot the new Chanel spring campaign at the same time.

Miuccia Gets Naughty

Legs, legs and more legs? Check.
Tops worn as mini dresses? Check.
Panties showing? Check.
Fringe? Check.
Transparency? Check.
F*ck me satin heels? Check.

From the list above you would think I was talking about the Cavalli show, but it was Miuccia Prada who gave Milan a very sexy twist with her YSL-esque collection for spring 2007. It was naughty, but also understated and nonchalant. It was Miuccia's way of saying she can feel horny too.

Meanwhile, the dance fever started by Michael Kors in New York hit the Marni runway as well. In my humble opinion, it was the one of the coolest collections to date from Consuelo Castiglioni. So fresh and very clean. I hope this trend hits menswear collections asap.

And the lovely Brazilians took over Bottega Veneta: Izabel Goulart, Fabiana Semprebom, Flavia de Oliveira, and Carol Trentini.

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