It's a tough job...

This is what had been consuming all of my time and energy for the past few months, but thanks to my very talented friends Dean and Matthew, as well as the guys at Pretty (who certainly deserve a vacation from all my emails) it is finally done and I am happy.

I think it's time for a new project.


I love Butch swimwear. i have a few pairs from last season. I still haven't been able to get the ones from the spring/summer 2006 line, I wanted. And now the 2007 line? I'll have to keep an eye on this to make sure I can try and get some of the 2007 line.

I love their swimwear, t-shirts etc. And the models look hot.

But I wish their site said where the clothes are on sale.

butch makes some of the hottest swimwear!!!! i've got several pair from last season & they are without a doubt my favorites. the new collection looks amazing! congratulations!

I picked up some of the spring/summer 2005 collection over at late last year. They were supposed to have the 2006 collection in april. I still haven't seen any of it on their site as of now. So not sure what happened there. Another online site selling some of the 2006 line was over at But they were out of my size (medium) in a few of the things I wanted. So I've yet to get anything from the 2006 collection. If anyone knows any other place that sells Butch online, and delivers worldwide, as I'm stuck in Canada, let me know.

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