It's Fashion Week in London and...

Designer Gareth Pugh had the courage to put on the runway some of the craziest pieces I have ever seen. What would Mr. Kors and Ms. Garcia have to say? If you are wondering, check out this Project Runway spoof, which could easily apply to the looks above.

Biba made a much anticipated comeback.

The Brazilian models are nowhere to be found in London, so we will have to wait for Milan and Paris to see the girls on the runway again.

V Man, my favorite American menswear publication, just launched its issue #7.

MTV's new Real World/Road Rules challenge to debut this October will be set in Rio.

Madonna got a Blade Runner bob, and it better be a wig.

Janet's new album leaked, but I don't think many people are anxious to download it after her hearing her first and second singles.

NBC ripped off Nick Denton's Defamer with its new blog Defaker.

Model Raica apparently took soccer star Ronaldo back on the week of his birthday even though he cheated on her. Will her modeling rate go up again?

The government of Uruguay sponsored the country's first gay soccer team, which will compete in the International Gay and Lesbian Football Association World Cup in Buenos Aires next year. One more reason to go to Punta del Este and support the country.

Former New Jersey Governor McGreevey unleased his gay confessions to cover up for some real mistakes he made. Is anyone going to read them?

This is reason enough to look forward to 2007.


Madonna's new bob is not that different from the hair-don't in the video for "what it feels like for a girl", so i don't see why she had to revisit that old bride's head. This is my first comment ever on your blog, and I just want to say: I really like it./Best wishes from Stockholm, Sweden

Those looks actually resemble what the enemies of the animé Sailor Moon looked like... seriously, it's like a HUGE fall back to my childhood for me to see such things.

It's sad, but true: Noone cares about London Fashion Week.

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