Underwear Invasion

Because I very much appreciate the concept of hot models parading around Times Square in underwear, I recommend checking out PAYOR and YesButNoYes for more pictures of National Underwear Day. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the guys at Ginch Gonch for sending me lots of very hot underwear recently.

Now how about a National Swimwear Day next year?


Thanks for this blog, i linked it on mine!

i bet you there were so many guys walking around town with an erection in tow. hot hot hot

Yes love your photos of men in underwear. I have a very largr collection of mens underwear witch is ocer 5000 fair and getting closer to 6000 need to count.I have underwear from the 60's and up.I try to buy underwear every week and alwas looking for new site and new underwear. I would love to have guys to send me the ones they want to get ride of also I like to be able to but underwear made in brazil I think there hot. If there any comp. have over stock they want to get ride of to add to my collection would be fine also. Thank you all for your time.
Fred the underwear of underwear

Good mooring to all the underwear men. Is there any one who wants to get ride of there old underwear. I would add them to my collection.

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