My Kind Of Soap: Bicho do Mato

I rarely watch TV when I am in Brazil because I am busy working and catching up with my friends, but next time I am going to make an effort to catch a few episodes of Record's soap "Bicho do Mato" because it looks too campy to be missed.

The premise? Picture Juba, a German-looking guy with long blong hair raised in a paradise-like farm, surrounded by the native indians Guaporás. The farm and its surroundings are threatened by an evil diamond mining company, and the Tarzan-like character is forced to travel to the big city (Rio, in this case, certainly not a concrete jungle) to find his father's assassin and to save the farm. As if a modern fable about culture shock is not enough reason to tune into Record, check out the cast:

And to be on the safe side, Record made sure to include some nudity because it never hurts the ratings, right?

Warning: videos slightly unsafe for work and extra corny.


wouldn't bicho do mato translate as gay from mato or something like that?

Nope, "bicho" means animal.

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