Brazilianized Nikes

Want to get your hand in some limited edition Nikes? The first Brazil Custom Series produced by the company in the country hits the stores in a week with sneakers and t-shirts designed by Brazilian skaters such as Cezar Gordo, Fabio Cristiano, Rodrigo Petersen, and photographer Flavio Samelo. Prices will be around R$300.

The French Diaries Part IV

Part of my recent trip to France involved an adventurous side: biking through a few vineyards in Burgundy. I like biking, and I also like wines, so I guess this was a perfect combination.

We spend the first night at a small hotel in Beaune which was incredibly cute, and had an excellent breakfast (as well as German MTV, which I found truly amazing to watch).

We biked to Nuits St. Georges through beautiful vineyards, and stopped every now and then for tastings. As soon as I learned that Burgundy is also famous for its Kir Royal, I decided to dedicate myself to try as many variations as possible in an attempt to become a connoisseur. All the alcohol was more than necessary to be able to sleep in a B&B without private bathrooms and the largest collection of scary paintings I have ever seen (not to mention the absence of a TV to give me my fix of German MTV at night).

I also want to bring your attention to the fact that escargot is huge in Burgundy, and that every freaking menu features French words which I had never heard before. It was the first time I was ever served chicken with a few leftover feathers caught in its skin, and it wasn't cute. My advice: liquid meals of pinot noir and creme de cassis.

From Burgundy my father decided to make a quick stop in Switzerland (even though it was sort of out of the way), so we packed up and drove to Gstaad. There are pictures after the jump.

Her Card, Her Life

Gisele poses for a good cause again on the new ad campaign for the American Express (RED) card.

"With American Express donating every time consumers spend on the Red Card, it makes you feel less guilty about spending and is a fantastic way to help fight Aids every day," says the model who posed alongside a Maasai warrior from Kenya for Nick Knight. There are behind-the-scenes pictures after the jump.

Auf Wiedersehen #9

Before I begin, I just wanted to thank my friend Matthew for inviting me to a lovely little party last night. The caipirinhas and models were almost better than Project Runway.

I missed the execution of Allison and Robert while I was in France, but thanks to DVR I caught up on all the sewing. After what he did to Angela's mother last week, Jeffrey proved that he truly deserved to stay. Mistreating your models is a big step towards becoming the next great American designer. If Ms. Wintour doesn't like fat people, why should Jeffrey?

Now let's get to the challenge: creating an outfit for a hip jet setter with $75. The twist: the clothes had to be made to fit the designer's themselves. The extra twist: ship the designers to Paris to check out if their concoctions "traveled well." My opinion: in first class anything you wear travels well, so why not just send them all coach? That would have been a challenge in itself. Brazilian bonus in the end: Calvin Klein's Francisco Costa as a guest judge.

The show lacked the tension I was craving for after two Wednesdays away from American TV. To compensate for it, the producers chose to waste 5 minutes on Vincent's boxers, and an entire segment with Kayne sewing shirtless. Note to producers: this is not Work Out, so we do not need to see any exposed flesh. If skin is going to become an attractive, I would suggest hiring the casting directors for The Real World next season, or perhaps having a few male models now and then.

If you have not watched last night's episode yet, then I recommend that you stop here. For my take on winners and losers, keep on reading after the jump.

The French Diaries Part III

When you are traveling abroad, there comes a time when you sort of snap for a while. This was that time for me:

A review of Burgundy and a quick stop in Gstaad coming tomorrow when I find the time to upload the pictures.

Carol Trentini In The Times

Anna Wintour's favorite Brazilian gets the spotlight in the Fall Fashion issue of T, photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg. Click here for a slideshow.

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