How Legit Is The Mr. Gay Competition?

One of my very resourceful readers just emailed me about the International Mr. Gay Competition, which is looking for American contestants until this Thursday through Gay Wired. As much as I was interested in seeing if there was anybody hot competing for Brazil (surprisingly there isn't one listed yet), I am going to ask you to devote your time to the picture on the left, which is supposed to belong to Mr. Gay Venezuela. If he looks very familiar to you too, it is probably because you remember him from Fotolog Of The Week back in March. Although the Mr. Gay Competition website states that "the men listed have all won their national contest or have been Certified as the Official Delegate representing their home country," I am finding it hard to believe that our fotolog boy is Mr. Gay Venezuela. None of the stats on his fotolog match the information provided by the supposed Venezuelan delegate, except for the first name. I am sensing some kind of fraud here.


My name is Don, and I am the Executive Director of the International Mr. Gay Competition, mentioned in your posting about a possibly fraudulent contestant from Venezuela.

Our Certification Committee did approve this man's application, but he has not yet provided the required passport photo ID and/or cam interview we must see before sending him or any of our national Delegates their complimentary airline tickets. This 'proofing' step, which was suggested by our friends Alek & Steph at btw, should weed out the internet frauds.

When we do not have a licensed producer in a country to host an actual contest, then our Committee will approve individuals who contact us to be their nation's Delegate. Most of those applicants find us through the Internet or Instinct Magazine, our national media sponsor, and we are aware that they might not be the person in their photos. Surprise, Surprise.

The steps we take before paying their expenses to attend our Grand Finale over the October 27-29, 2006, weeekend at the Convention Center in Palm Springs include an effort to test their true identity. One step is to have them send us a copy their passport including their photo. Another step, not available to all potential contestants, is to have them arrange a cam interview.

This is the second year of the International Mr. Gay Competition and we are working to grow our contest network with integrity and style. As the only contest between gay men from around the planet of it's kind, we are still learning how to qualify our Delegates and avoid the typical internet scams.

Don Spradlin

International, but excluding Asians? interesting..

Very cute! But too buffy!
an inch less on his arm would've him much hotter! he also has no sexappeal!
but i would still do him!

someone that is bot buffy but very sexy and hot is

laterz madeinbrazil!

- Kei -

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