Fotolog Of The Week: Quicks

I'm trying to keep the look of The Boy going this week by featuring Quicks today. This kid from Floripa seems like a good example of what his city is all about.

And his friends just may make you want to book a trip down there as soon as possible.

There is more posing and flexing after the jump as usual.

Pictures in front of the mirror are always welcome here, but I am starting to dig the webcam screencaps as well.

And just because it is now almost a requirement to have it at this point: the headless torso shot.


isso abre outras possibilidades não imaginadas, como ir fazer o mestrado lá no sul ao invés de ficar aqui em campinas.. a não ser que você ache um bom motivo para eu ficar por acá ; ) (olha um bom desafio para quando você voltar de Paris! Boa viagem!)


Love "the Boy!" Keep these stunning pics coming! Those lips on the first "boi" are hotttttttttttttt! ...hotttttttttt!!

nice lips on the close up....if you like collagen

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