Auf Wiedersehen #9

Before I begin, I just wanted to thank my friend Matthew for inviting me to a lovely little party last night. The caipirinhas and models were almost better than Project Runway.

I missed the execution of Allison and Robert while I was in France, but thanks to DVR I caught up on all the sewing. After what he did to Angela's mother last week, Jeffrey proved that he truly deserved to stay. Mistreating your models is a big step towards becoming the next great American designer. If Ms. Wintour doesn't like fat people, why should Jeffrey?

Now let's get to the challenge: creating an outfit for a hip jet setter with $75. The twist: the clothes had to be made to fit the designer's themselves. The extra twist: ship the designers to Paris to check out if their concoctions "traveled well." My opinion: in first class anything you wear travels well, so why not just send them all coach? That would have been a challenge in itself. Brazilian bonus in the end: Calvin Klein's Francisco Costa as a guest judge.

The show lacked the tension I was craving for after two Wednesdays away from American TV. To compensate for it, the producers chose to waste 5 minutes on Vincent's boxers, and an entire segment with Kayne sewing shirtless. Note to producers: this is not Work Out, so we do not need to see any exposed flesh. If skin is going to become an attractive, I would suggest hiring the casting directors for The Real World next season, or perhaps having a few male models now and then.

If you have not watched last night's episode yet, then I recommend that you stop here. For my take on winners and losers, keep on reading after the jump.

I need to get something out of my system first: French judge Catherine Malandrino made Nina Garcia look like Mother Theresa as soon as the designers got to Paris, so now I want to have dinner with her as well. Mr. Kors was as sharp as ever, so if you don't have the time to watch the entire show, just focus on his comments.

Jeffrey won with his rockstar get up. Now as much as I praise the kid for putting together a men's jacket and pants (and all that with $75), I question the judges' comments about the jet-setability of the outfit. While they believed Uli's printed dress could only be worn in Miami, I think Jeffrey's creation was somewhat limited as well. And who can travel in skin-tight pants?

My vote last night was for either Laura, who stepped out of her realm a bit, or Michael Lee Simmons.

When Heidi mentioned jet setter, Angela suddenly heard a cold "Auf Wiedersehen" whispered in her year. The only place she had ever jet set to before was a patchwork class, and it was clearly reflected in ther creation. As Ms. Malandrino put it, "you look like you come from another world." The best part of the rosette-infested shorts and potato sack top though was the fact that Angela decided to match them with black biker boots and her own bag (and then soften it all by getting her hair blow dried). Au revoir! Now how cold was it to fly them all to Paris, and then have Angela get on the plane back to New York right away? Or was it Ohio for her?

As much as Angela's Auf Wiedersehen was overdue, Kayne does Vegas was also a strong contender for the cut. I could post pictures of the tragedy, but seeing it once last night was enough.


I liked this episode!!

i liked michael's design... looked a bit bland with all white, though

Jeffrey basically designed an outfit he would wear normally...he won't be around for long his versatility is non-existant. As much as Angela grew on me simply by default (Jeffrey treated her horribly and had some unhealthy obsession with the poor girl) it was her time to go. Her outfit was SHOCKINGLY bad. Get them the hell out of Paris, though - that French bitch is as annoying to listen to as she is to look at. UGH.

"You're out" sounds SOOOO mean in french!!!

We would rather see some photos of you in your boxers!

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