SPFW S/S 2007: Ellus

Thank God for the sight of Evandro Soldati in shorts (shirtless of course) because that is the only thing that should be remembered from Ellus' new spring collection. Following the African theme which is spreading through SPFW like a virus, the show abandoned the usual rocker boy in favor of an imaginary customer who will dress up in striped caftans, printed shorts and (way too) colorful shirts. It is one of the few times I feel relieved that the runway looks will not be hitting the stores.


although i don't care too much of the african themed clothes it would be nice to see the african theme spreading among the models as well.

i find it very wierd that in a country with so many beautiful guys (and girls) of all colors and of every shade in between they only manage the get white and (barely some) latino models on the catwalk!

that is hilarious !! "imaginary customer" !! keep it up, great posts and reviews man. later.

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