Miss Universe

Pay close attention to the dresses below, and I don't even need to tell you who won Miss Universe and then fainted on stage. Miss USA should have actually won the title just for keeping her promise to wear her Project Runway dress (because if she can wear that dress and not complain, she can sure fight for world peace).


Who won?

I'm sure you know who was peeing his pants! hehe

Miss Puerto Rico Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza was the winner. She's only 18!

I can't believe she actually wore that thing. I'm happy Puerto Rico one. She's the prettiest in my opinion.

Miss Japan was robbed. and she's a real 5'8!


according to the queer eye boys (Tom and Jai), Miss Puerto Rico was out to win. she always walked AFTER everyone onto stage, always did extra twirls and flirty things to get attention. always went against choreography. The faint was just a coup de grace to stick it to Ms. Japan's heart. the bitch , at 18, is Janice Dickinson in the making. and i guess that's why we'll see more of her.

Dont hate boys simply because they are wearing the dresses and you are not! Im sure they have plenty more and in your sizes. Best Wishes

I'm glad Ms. Puerto Rico Won I believe That

puerto rican, women are (beatiful!)!! The


Brasil, Porto Rico and Colombia were the best....of course LATINAS

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