Look Who's Blogging Now

Although I don't care much for Hedi Slimane's designs for Dior Homme, I have to say there is something about his pictures which I really like, so I am glad he has started to post them on his online diary this month. It would be cool if he would start adding some comments to the images as well. BTW, has his Dior contract been renewed?


Oh my Gawd, I can only hope that Dior Homme is without Hedi now... Some people love his work, but I hate the fact that appearantly everything is aimed to be worn by pre-adolescent boys who are close to starvation and without access to haircare products or scissors.

I dig the rockstar thing, but who can look truly hot wearing super skinny clothes? While screwing, one'd be scared through the whole thing that the boy might possibly break!

Slimane's work at Dior is passe...

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